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Here’s the first important step in breaking your addiction: Ask for help. Most addicts don’t want any help from others in overcoming their addiction. The disease of addiction changes a person so that they don’t think it’s possible to survive without the addictive substance. Even those who can see the problems don’t want to be labeled an ‘addict.’ They don’t think there’s any way they can be cured. When they do try to stop using the addictive substance, they go through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms make them go right back to their addiction.

In order to be successful in quitting drugs or alcohol, you will need support. You may already have that from your friends and family. Perhaps they have been urging you to get help for a long time. On the other hand, you may be lacking support. Not everyone has people in their lives who want them to improve. In fact, some addicts want others to be addicted as well. Some don’t see any reason to improve their lives. But if you’re reading this, you probably have good reasons to improve. You may have hit rock-bottom and are ready to start over. Whether you have a support group or not, a good rehab center will have friendly professionals and the supportive networks you need to stay sober on a long-term basis.

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