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Paths to Abuse

Drug addiction continues to be a very misunderstood issue. A lot of addicts make an initial choice to begin using illegal drugs, but their ability to quit is compromised by the way drugs impact the brain. Many addicts began using drugs like painkillers as a legitimate way to alleviate pain. But they later discovered that they are dependent on the substance that was once meant to help them. Then there are a few people who go through a trauma or extreme stress and to prevent those emotions by self-medicating with legal or illegal substances. Unfortunately, this rarely is successful. Addiction is a complicated disease that needs professional treatment.

Substance abuse disorder is a brain illness that causes an intense craving for drugs in spite of the understanding that they cause disastrous consequences. It is a term used to encompass misuse of all legal and illegal substances, medication, and alcohol. An appropriate comparison is type-two diabetes - it will have to be monitored, and sometimes medicated, for the remainder of the sufferer’s life, or they could die. With drug addiction, it’s common to want to ‘blame’ the addict. However, their ability to choose has been compromised by their disease, and without help they could die.

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